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360-degree architecture projects from The Netherlands and Asia ready to watch, high-res and VR enabled!
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Enjoy and share architecture, with the dimension of 360 degree space! Instead of just looking at a picture, you can now look around, watch and zoom to any angle in context. And if you use a VR set you can even get the feeling to be there on the spot. On no renderings, but real photographed buildings to study, compare, prepare for a visit, or just enjoy. Enhance visibility and inclusiveness.

Watch on any phone, tablet, touch screen or computer browser. All 360 degree projects are also VR enabled, to experience immersive with a VR set like Oculus. No app needed, just open in the browser. Look around and zoom in to details!

This site and the projects are works in progress. Get in touch for more information, ideas for cooperation and projects, or to have your own 360 degree project!
360-architecture is based in amsterdam, the netherlands. projects are used by Hendrick de Keyser, Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, Huis Sonneveld and others.


Rietveld Houses, Erasmuslaan Utrecht
1931 | Gerrit Rietveld | Nieuwe Bouwen - Modernism | Utrecht
This housing block by Gerrit Rietveld was originally right in view of the famous Rietveld-Schröder house. It is now separated by a highway. It's a wonderful example of Rietveld's development and adaption of "Nieuwe Bouwen" style.
Huis Van Ravesteyn
1933 | Siebold Van Ravesteyn | Nieuwe Bouwen - Modernism | Utrecht
Railway architect Van Ravesteyn designed this detached house in 1932 for his own family. He wanted to build a house with modest means in which it was pleasant to live and work. This is a limited three scene version of the full 360-degree project.
Bolwoningen (sphere houses)
1984 | D. Kreijkamp | Experimental Housing | Den Bosch
Less famous but just as experimental as the Rotterdam Cube Houses, these bolwoningen (sphere houses) were designed in the seventies, and built in 1984. In this 360 degree project you can have a unique look inside!
Thomaskerk (Thomas Church)
1966 | K. Sijmons | Brutalism (interior) | Amsterdam
A true Brutalist surprise hidden by a modest brick facade. Walking past, you would never expect the interior to be this spectacular with grey walls and exposed concrete surfaces.
Love2 House (Tiny House), Tokyo
2019 | Takeshi Hosaka | Tiny House | Tokyo (JP)
Living big in less than 19m2. If you design a "Tiny House", you can do it by putting as much as possible in the space and make everything compact, or to leave space free. Includes video with the architect.
Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen
2020 | MVRDV | Rotterdam
The full official 360 degree project of the new Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, designed by MVRDV. It is famous for the shape, the mirrored facade and painting storage formed like a Chinese fan. In this 360 degree project you can experience it all in no less than 36 scenes!
2022 | MVRDV | Amsterdam
Walk all over the MVRDV designed residential and office building in Amsterdam. You can get a good impression of the protruding apartments and terraces between.
Huis Sonneveld (Sonneveld House)
1933 | Brinkman & Van der Vlugt | Nieuwe Bouwen - Modernism | Rotterdam
A great example of Het Nieuwe Bouwen, closely related with the Van Nelle Factory, with a modern but surprisingly warm colored interior. The house can be visited, this 360 project is used there in VR mode for people unable to access the stairs.
Van Nelle Fabriek (Factory)
1925-1931 | Van der Vlugt & Wiebenga | Nieuwe Bouwen - Modernism | Rotterdam
Soon after this building was completed Le Corbusier described this iconic factory as "the most beautiful spectacle of the modern age". Machine rooms, corridors and even a glass bridge are among the many 360 degree scenes of this project you can see.
Dominicanen Bookstore
13th c. (start) | Repurposed Church | Maastricht (NL)
The "most beautiful bookstore in the world" (according to The Guardian). Built into an old Dominican church. Zoom into the paintings between the vaults!
Japan Folk House Museum
Traditional Architecture | Tokyo (JP)
This open air museum displays twenty-five traditional houses from different parts of Japan, which were moved from their original locations and reconstructed here. Four houses can be visited virtually here with audio guide available (in four languages).
Town Hall Hilversum
1931 | W.M. Dudok | Hilversum (NL)
Town Hall Hilversum (Raadhuis Hilversum) is a true "Gesamtkunstwerk". In this 360 degree project, with all interior details visible, it can be experienced as such.
Beurs van Berlage
1903 | Berlage | Amsterdam
Perhaps Berlage's most famous building. Discover elements of Neo Roman architecture, as well as Jugendstil, and early examples of Het Nieuwe Bouwen and Amsterdam School. See many spaces even up to the bell tower.
Openluchtschool (Open Air School)
1930 | J. Duiker | Nieuwe Bouwen - Modernism | Amsterdam
A great example of "Nieuwe Bouwen", still functioning as a school. The building is very transparent and positioned to catch maximum sunshine. Whenever possible kids would get their classes at the balconies.
Sanatorium Zonnestraal
1931 | J Duiker, B. Bijvoet, J.G. Wiebenga | Nieuwe Bouwen - Modernism | Hilversum (NL)
The estate Zonnestraal is a former sanatorium in Hilversum, the Netherlands. The building is a very strong example of the Nieuwe Bouwen and designed to let in maximum sun and air. It has very thin concrete floors and steel framed windows
Radio Kootwijk Building A
1923 | J. Luthmann | Pre-brutalist / art deco | Radio Kootwijk (NL)
A former broadcasting station that looks brutalist outside, but has many art-deco elements on the inside. The design is inspired by Egyptian sphinxes. The 360 project includes the water tower.
Kubus Woningen (Cube Houses)
1982 | P. Blom | Experimental Housing | Rotterdam
No standard furniture fits into these houses designed in the seventies. One of the houses is now a museum where the interior can be seen, it's also included in this 360 degree project.
Markthal (Market Hall)
2014 | MVRDV | Multi-purpose | Rotterdam
An MVRDV designed residential and office building with a market hall underneath and a spectacular decoration.
Het Schip - Amsterdamse School
1921 | M. de Klerk | Amsterdam School | Amsterdam
(1919-1921) A great example of Amsterdam School Architecture. Designed by Michiel de Klerk and built as social housing to elevate the working class.
Sterre der Zee Basilica
11th / 12th c | Church | Maastricht (NL)
Started in times when Roman architecture was still in swing this 11th/12th century church in Maastricht is one of the oldest surviving buildings in The Netherlands. The interior is known for its special atmosphere and extreme darkness.
Jeruzalem Kerk (Jerusalem Church)
1929 | F. Jantzen | Amsterdam School | Amsterdam
The "Jeruzalem Church" is a great example of the style of the Amsterdam School. The church forms a harmonious unity with the environment in which it is built, not just in style, but also because it's directly connected to the adjoining housing block.
1933 Slaughterhouse, Shanghai
1933 | A. Balfour | Industrial - Brutalist | Shanghai (CN)
A great display of pre-brutalist concrete behind the pretty facade of this former slaughterhouse in Shanghai. Check out the curved concrete inside, the inner bridges, floor plans and drone shot which includes the well-known Shanghai skyline.
Dominicanen Kerk (Dominicus Church)
1893 | P. Cuypers | Amsterdam
A true "hidden gem", easily ignored church by Cuypers, who got more fame by designing the Amsterdam Central Station and Rijksmuseum. Unassuming on the outside, but pleasant and clever designed, making the most of the unusual small plot on the narrow Amsterdam alleys.
Tadao Ando - Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre
2017 | Tadao Ando | Shanghai (CN)
Tadao Ando's Poly grand Theatre is situated over one hour by metro from the Shanghai city center. The building has fascinating tube-shape cutouts There are indoor, outdoor and drone scenes available in this project.
Oude Kerk (Old Church)
From 13th c. | Amsterdam
The Oude Kerk (Old Church) is Amsterdam’s oldest building. It was founded circa 1213 and consecrated in 1306. It stands in De Wallen, now Amsterdam's main red-light district.


A few projects that are not presented ‘for the architecture’ but still give nice insights to museums, shanghai buildings and streets and much more.

Andriessen Room (Grachtenmuseum)
1776 | Vingboons / Andriessen | Historical Interior - Wall Painting | Amsterdam
This is a one scene only project, to show and zoom in to the murals that were created in 1776 by Jurriaan Andriessen, part of the Amsterdam Grachtenmuseum. In 1663, merchant Karel Gerards commissioned Phillip Vingboons - then one of Amsterdam's leading architects - to design and build this house.
Allard Pierson Museum
Museum | Amsterdam
A basic "archiving" project (without added information) of "Maps Unfolded" (Open Kaart) at Allard Pierson Museum. Save the original lay-out in high-res!
Porsche Experience Centre
2016 | Showroom and Circuit | Shanghai (CN)
Produced for Porsche China: Explore the Porsche Experience Centre and track, near the F1 circuit, in Shanghai!
Japanese Garden Clingendael
around 1910 | Garden | The Hague
A small but beautiful Japanese Garden in the center of The Hague, open to public just a few weeks per year.
Shanghai Scenes
Joy City Mall a.o. | Cityscapes | Shanghai (CN)
(Testing) A project with scenes from Shanghai, the most wonderful city with very mixed old and new architecture. For testing purposes.
Auto Museum
Car Museum | Schagen, NL
An interesting collection of vintage cars is displayed in this museum. Most are in "used" state, not restored to showroom glory, and give an excellent view of how car design once was more elegant. Look around from the narrow backseat of a Jaguar E-type!
Museum | Shanghai (CN)
A small culture space in Shanghai shows options for custom floor plans for navigation and use of audio. Also a good example for close zooming!
Shanghai West Bund – Art and Culture
2010's | D. Chipperfield and others | Cityscapes | Shanghai (CN)
The rapidly developing Shanghai West Bund area, with new international class museums popping up regularly, including the David Chipperfield designed West Bund Museum.
OMA – LuJiaZui Exhibition Centre
2017 | OMA | Riverside Development | Shanghai (CN)
No interior shots of this OMA designed building, but it gives an interesting overview of Shanghai HuangPu developments

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