Tag: brutalist

Thomaskerk (Brutalism) Amsterdam

A true Brutalist surprise hidden by a modest brick facade. Walking past, you would never expect the interior to be this spectacular with grey walls and exposed concrete surfaces.

Love2 House (Tiny House), Tokyo

Living big in less than 19m2. If you design a “Tiny House”, you can do it by putting as much as possible in the space and make everything compact, or to leave space free. Includes video with the architect.

Radio Kootwijk

A former broadcasting station that looks brutalist outside, but has many art-deco elements on the inside. The design is inspired by Egyptian sphinxes. The 360 project includes the water tower.

1933 Slaughterhouse, Shanghai

A great display of pre-brutalist concrete behind the pretty facade of this former slaughterhouse in Shanghai. Check out the curved concrete inside, the inner bridges, floor plans and drone shot which includes the well-known Shanghai skyline.