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Allard Pierson Museum, Open Kaart

A basic “archiving” project (without added information) of “Maps Unfolded” (Open Kaart) at Allard Pierson Museum. Save the original lay-out in high-res!

Automuseum, Schagen

An interesting collection of vintage cars is displayed in this museum. Most are in “used” state, not restored to showroom glory, and give an excellent view of how car design once was more elegant. Look around from the narrow backseat of a Jaguar E-type!

MUSEu&m (Shanghai)

A small culture space in Shanghai shows options for custom floor plans for navigation and use of audio. Also a good example for close zooming!

Shanghai West Bund – Art and Culture

The rapidly developing Shanghai West Bund area, with new international class museums popping up regularly, including the David Chipperfield designed West Bund Museum.