Enabled for smartphone! The view is optimized for Full Screen "landscape" (horizontal) orientation. You can enable the gyroscope to look around. Pinch to use extreme zoom. Enabled for any computer screen, please use "Full Screen" for best view! Enjoy extreme zooming with the buttons or mouse. Also check info and maps on the right side of the screen. Watch immersive with your VR set for the most spectacular experience! Simply open it in your VR set browser and enjoy as if you're on the spot! Click the rotating globes to move to other spaces, or use the "menu" on the floor.

Less famous but just as experimental as the Rotterdam cube houses, these bolwoningen (sphere houses) were designed by Dries Kreijkamp in the seventies, and built in 1984 with the help of a government grant for experimental social housing.

In this 360 degree project you can look around and inside a .