Enabled for smartphone! The view is optimized for Full Screen "landscape" (horizontal) orientation. You can enable the gyroscope to look around. Pinch to use extreme zoom. Enabled for any computer screen, please use "Full Screen" for best view! Enjoy extreme zooming with the buttons or mouse. Also check info and maps on the right side of the screen. Watch immersive with your VR set for the most spectacular experience! Simply open it in your VR set browser and enjoy as if you're on the spot! Click the rotating globes to move to other spaces, or use the "menu" on the floor.

A great example of Het . The living house of one of the directors of the Van Nelle Factory and his family, and also built in the 1930's. When comparing the two buildings, that differ enormously in size, you will find a lot of similarities. Don't forget to admire the , which is much more mild colored that what's common for this modern style, and also view the stunning shower rooms.

This project has an audio guide in VR. It is available for visitors who are unable to go up the stairs of the house.