Category: Asia

Projects made in Asia.
From a “Tiny House” in Japan to gigantic Shanghai Skyscrapers. All projects can be watched on any device with a web browser. Enhance the experience by going immersive with a VR headset!

Love2 House (Tiny House), Tokyo

If you design a “Tiny House”, you can do it by putting as much as possible in the space and make everything compact, or to leave space free….

Japan Folk House Museum, Tokyo

This museum displays twenty-five traditional houses from different parts of Japan, which were moved from their original locations and reconstructed here. Most of the buildings date from the…

1933 Slaughterhouse, Shanghai

A great display of curved concrete behind the pretty facade of this former slaughterhouse in Shanghai. Check out the curved concrete inside, the inner bridges, floor plans and drone shot which includes the well-known Shanghai skyline.

Tadao Ando – Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre

Shanghai city center, in an area still very much in development (in 2021). The building has fascinating tube-shape cutouts, that can be experienced vividly with this project.

OMA – Lujiazui Exhibition Centre (Shanghai)

Project in development.

Shanghai West Bund – art and culture

(Testing) See the rapidly developing Shanghai West Bund area, with new international class museums popping up regularly.

Shanghai Scenes

(Testing) A project with scenes from Shanghai for testing purposes.